Thursday, April 20, 2006

From Greenpeace: America's First Offshore Wind Farm Under Legislative Attack

Congress likes to talk about cleaning up their act in the wake of the
Abramoff scandal, but if you look behind the closed-door attack on
America’s first offshore wind farm, it’s business as usual.

On April 6, a closed-door congressional conference committee signed off
on an amendment to a bill that would grant veto power over the Cape Wind
offshore project to the governor of Massachusetts. Governor Mitt Romney
is an outspoken opponent of the project and if Congress accepts the
bill, it will no doubt be the end of Cape Wind.

And who was behind this back room deal? None other than Senator Ted Kennedy, in cahoots with big oil and mining industry lobbyists.

The Senate will decide this issue as soon as they return from Easter
recess. Contact your Senators TODAY before it is too late, tell them to take a
stand against special-interest politics and support America’s first
offshore wind farm. You can send a fax at

It’s time for Congress to step up on renewable energy and side with
common sense instead of big oil’s lobbying money. At a time when
President Bush admits America is addicted to oil, and global warming is
being felt now, we can't allow special-interest politics to kill this
important clean energy project.

PS- We're holding EMERGENCY RALLIES to SAVE CAPE WIND on Thursday, April 20 in at 5 key senate offices around the country.
If you live in or around Hartford, New York, Las Vegas, Minneapolis/St. Paul, or Providence CLICK HERE to learn more and RSVP to an event near you.