Friday, April 21, 2006

Report Shows Continued Decline in Toxic Chemical Releases in Michigan

Total releases and disposal listed on the Toxic Chemical Release Inventory - reported by business - of chemicals in Michigan declined in 2004, a trend continued from 2003. The data shows the total discharges in the state to be 97 million pounds for the year, a decrease of over seven percent.

Oh great. A decrease of 7 percent. Now it's down to... 97 MILLION POUNDS!!! HOLY SHIT!!! 97 MILLION POUNDS! HOW MANY MORE CHILDREN'S CANCER HOSPITALS DO WE HAVE TO BUILD IN GRAND RAPIDS BEFORE SOMEONE IN LANSING GETS OFF THERE ASS AND PUTS A STOP TO THIS? Don't they see the correlation? This isn't good news, we should be lining up to kick every single one of our state legislators square in the nuts!

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