Friday, November 10, 2006

American Electric Vehicle Co. introduces the "Kurrent"

American Electric Vehicle Company in Ferndale, Michigan, will soon begin selling an all-electric car dubbed the "Kurrent" for $9,800 (with a $3,000 federal tax rebate). The car costs about 1-cent per mile to drive, compared to 14- to 16-cents per mile for an SUV.

In this video, Editor Alex "Cool Man" Scott and cameraman Phil Moon take the test vehicle out for a spin on the Michigan State University campus.

AEV President says he expects to hire 40 to 70 assembly employees at the Ferndale plant by next Spring to produce 15,000 of the Italian designed electric vehicles.

Check out the video, it's a cool little car.

Electric and Hybrid Cars: A History by Judy Anderson and Curtis D. Anderson

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