Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Video of Hearing on Coast Guard Proposal for Live-fire Training on the Great Lakes

I'm not sure who created this, but it is well done and he deserves a pat on the back for it.

This video describes the Coast Guard plan to create 34 live fire training zones across the Great Lakes and contaminate the world's largest freshwater supply with thousands of pounds of lead bullets. The live fire zones also endanger boating, fishing, shipping and US-Canadian relations. Follow the link at the end of the video to voice your opinion.

How often does the Coast Guard have to use its machine guns now? When was the last time they had to shoot at anyone on Lake Michigan? Who do they think they are going to be shooting at? Are there sinister terrorists lurking just offshore waiting for their opportunity to blow up Ludington? Are there maurading sailboats filled with crazed jihadists about to attack Petosky? I seriously doubt it. It's more likely that they're going to end up shooting a couple drunk pierogi-swillin' Polish guys from Chicago who are pretending to be fishing but are actually driving garbage bags full of ganga across the Lake. I say "no" to guns on the lakes for everyone, including the military.

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