Thursday, November 02, 2006

Democratic Landslide for Michigan! GO BLUE!

Recent polling of local Michiganders here in Grand Rapids gives ALL the local elections to the Democrats. How many people were surveyed? Okay, I didn't really keep an accurate count - this was entirely non-scientific - but no one I spoke to was considering voting for a Republican.

Here are a few comments:
  • Male, 22, coffeeshop barista: "I don't understand why people aren't rioting. Why haven't we driven down to DC and dragged these assholes out into the street and lynched them?"
  • Female, 29: "They're goin' down. The Republicans are finished. Granholm will stomp him. I don't understand why the Grand Rapids Press would support DeVos, that was a mistake."
  • Male, age 9: "Bush is dumb, he gets people killed."
  • Male, age 52: "DeVos is more conservative than Bush. His policies will be a nightmare. I'm praying that he doesn't win."
  • Female, age 48: "If DeVos wins, that will be the nail in the coffin. We will move."
  • Male, 19: "I'm voting for all the black and minority candidates. I'm voting to keep affirmative action, I need it."
  • Male, 45: "Vote! I hear the winds of change blowin!"

    This should give you some insight into what your neighbors are thinking. Don't believe me? Go ask them for yourself. There are no DeVos lawn signs in my neighborhood, lots of liberal Catholic Democrats around here.

    My Prediction: Democratic Landslide in Grand Rapids!
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