Tuesday, November 14, 2006

FORESTS: Greenpeace blows snot on Kleenex factory

Yesterday Greenpeace activists drove a Kleenex-box shaped bus across the entrance of Kimberly Clark's paper mill in Everett, WA, one of the largest mills in the country, effectively blocking the entrance. This mill receives thousands of tons of ancient trees throughout the year. Greenpeace is demanding that Kimberly Clark's representatives meet with them, and have even provided a meeting room and coffee onboard the bus to facilitate the discussion.

Kimberly Clark is wiping out ancient forests for disposable tissue products. Just over a month ago, Fortune magazine reported that the CEO of Walmart has also asked Kimberly Clark to clean up its forest practices. Walmart happens to be the largest retail outlet for products such as Kleenex tissues and Scott toilet paper. If companies like Walmart, and consumers like you apply enough pressure, Kimberly Clark will be forced to the negotiating table.

It's time for Kimberly Clark to stop blowing the world's last remaining ancient forests and start using recycled content and FSC-certified wood in its products.

TAKE ACTION! Click here to send a letter to Kimberly-Clark CEO Thomas Falk.

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